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PPF Kit Selector

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Vinyl & Commercial Wraps

Wraps and Lettering
Use your Imagination, there are no limitations The only thing limiting your expression here is imagination. From single-color wraps to custom-created designs, these wraps look like they’re custom painted on, but can be removed or replaced without any damage to the paint underneath. Become your very own Da Vinci (on wheels). Whether you’re looking to change the color of your vehicle or add a custom accent like a stripe design, vinyl is an excellent way to give your vehicle a personal touch that is not only bespoke to you, but is reversible at anytime to your original factory appearance. We also specialize in custom designed printed wraps for personal or commercial vehicles; as well as lettering for commercial vehicles using the highest quality vinyls available. You name it, we have done it. Full car color wrapsStripes and linear designsLetteringCustom designsCustom livery designs

Ceramic Coating

Think of it as a second layer of clear coat!
What is a Ceramic Coating? Think of it as a second layer of clear coat, which wraps your paint, wheels, trim or glass in an ultra durable ceramic layer of protection. Forget waxing and sealing every few month, ceramic coatings will protect your vehicle for upwards of 3-7 years depending on the coating you choose, sustaining that deep wet gloss while making your paintwork much easier to clean and maintain. The makeup of the coatings we offer vary but generally contain SiO2 (quartz) as their primary active ingredient which crystallizes and forms a strong and durable layer over a particular area of your vehicle. All of our boutique coatings services use Infrared (IR) curing lamps to increase hardness, gloss, durability and produce the best possible finish. Our goal is to protect the vehicle while at the same time having it look like nothing is there. Super thick layerExtremely deep rich gloss ( hard candy shell appearance)Ease of maintenance / self cleaning propertiesResistance to wash induced marringProtection from UV raysResistance to extreme temperaturesResistance to stains, bird droppings, water spots, traffic filmRepels water, oil, dirtWarranty

Window Tint

Ready to change the look of your vehicle?
Specializing in the finest window film options available. Based on your requirements we have different film options and levels of performance to enhance and protect your windows. All of our installation are custom cut to ensure the highest level of fitment. Ready to change the look of your vehicle? Standard: Window Film Our standard window film blocks 99% of the suns harmful rays while providing a crisp charcoal appearance to enhance the look of your vehicle. This window film will never crack, fade, peel or turn purple while also carrying a lifetime warranty. Ceramic: Window Film Our ceramic window film utilizes ceramic nano particles which filter out the suns infrared radiation. Ceramic window film provides enhanced UV and heat rejection benefits while blocking out 99% of all harmful rays. If your looking of the best protection and ascetics look no further. Common Applications Side WindowsBack GlassFull Windshield or BannerSunroof/Pano Many benefits beyond the great look Provides more than 99% UV ProtectionHelps reduce interior temps by as much as 50%Reduce glare for safer drivingProtects upholstery from fading or crackingEnhances style and appearanceWarranty against cracking, peeling and yellowing

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Keep your vehicle looking new for years!
A Force Field For Your Vehicle Nearly invisible and powerful enough to repel things that normally wreak havoc on high-impact areas, our protective films shield your car during highway travel, city living, and bumps, drops, and oopses — without uneven paint wear. We keep small imperfections from becoming big annoyances. Rocks, stones & gravel, bug acid bird droppings and tree saps salt and chemicals… They take their toll on your vehicle’s finish and sanity. Keep your vehicle looking new for years to come by wrapping it in a virtually invisible protective shield. We are committed to quality above all else. We take the extra steps to remove emblems and trim pieces to recess and wrap the film making it as seem-less as possible. Custom film installations are our specialty; utilizing pre cut clear bra patterns as well as bulk film to create a unique boutique install. Our goal is to protect the vehicle while at the same time having it look like nothing is there. Eliminates stone chips and road rashSelf healing surface erasing light defectsStain and scratch resistantHigh gloss & optical clarity100% UV stableWarranty against cracking, peeling and yellowing
Professional automotive paint protective film installation.

A certified Protective Solutions professional must install all Protective Solutions kits. The workmanship of Protective Solutions certified installers is second to none. We will give you “quality without compromise.” At Protective Solutions we love what we do, and we do it well because your paint is our business!

Protect Your Paint!

Don't let the road destroy your investment, our custom cut computerized patterns allow for perfect fitting kits for every make and model!


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