Paint protection patterns to fit a variety of vehicles.

These patterns are not a generic solution but are carefully crafted for an exact fit to your vehicle.

Our film is optically clear (even on white vehicles unlike some other films) and guaranteed for six years against yellowing or cracking due to UV exposure. The protection remains invisible, allowing the manufacturer’s aesthetics to shine through unaffected.

Our PPF is the toughest film on the market today, and requires no special care or maintenance.

Our film is approved by all automotive manufacturers to withstand freezing temperatures, extreme heat, acidic oils and gasoline, along with attacks by stones and other abrasive elements.

To see the film in use, check out the Gallery page.

Why Paint Protection Film?

Paint protection film is the best way to protect and insure not only your vehicles paint but your investment for the life of your vehicle whether you are an enthusiast or everyday commuter. Save yourself from the standard black car bras that are not only an eye sore but can actually damage your vehicles finish. The standard car bra also does not offer the coverage of paint protection film. For example areas such as your rear bumper, wheel arches, or mirrors.

Paint protection film is the ideal shield for high impact painted surfaces during everyday driving. It protects you from road grit, bugs, stone chips, abrasions, and small impacts. Whatever the road can throw at you. All kits are custom cut with our computer software or cut by hand by the industries leading installers to ensure a precise fit whether it be a custom coverage piece or our standard kit, its the best protection you will never see.

Product Care Information:

In order for your product to remain in excellent condition year after year, please follow the care instructions below. We recommend you allow the film to cure for at least two days before you wash your vehicle. This will allow the pressure-sensitive adhesive to cure completely and for any application moisture to evaporate completely. At that point:

  • Using a clean microfiber towel or chamois; we recommend that ONLY synthetic waxes be used to clean your film. Naturally occurring waxes (i.e. Carnauba) are not recommended. DO not use any colored wax resins (white or clear only).
  • Immediately wash away any foreign material (i.e. bug splatter, bird poop, etc.). If left on the film for an extended period, staining may occur.
  • Wash car as per normal. If using a high pressure washer, nozzle must be at least 36” away from the edges of the film to avoid peeling.
  • Wax and dust can build around the edges of the film. To remove, simply use a cotton swab dipped in 70% isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol and wipe AWAY from the edge NOT into it.

DO NOT USE: Solvent based cleaners; Bug removers or de-greasers; Rubbing compound or any abrasive materials; High speed buffing or polishing equipment can be used, but on slow speed and with minimal force. We recommend testing on a small bumper section prior to using on hood or fenders.

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