With todays environmentally friendly paint systems, minor impacts into hard surfaces or even wear and tear from normal driving can cause hundreds of dollars worth of damage. Here at Protective Solutions we strive to give you quality without compromise when it comes to protecting your vehicles paint and your investment. With over 30 years collective experience in installations and distributing the art and science of paint protection film has become a passion as well as a business. Conveniently located a half an hour south of Boston in Holliston, MA we proudly service the Great Boston/MetroWest area, southern New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.

With our industry-leading Paint Protection Film, we promise to give you the best protection you will never see!

With whatever the road throws at you preserving the integrity of your paint is simple…we offer kits to fit a variety of vehicles. We can also customize solutions to fit your needs. To learn more, please call us at (617) 939-3332 or email us.


Protect your vehicle from whatever the road throws at it.

Kit Coverage Options:

  • Standard Kit (Standard Upper Kit and Front Bumper)
  • City Kit (Front Bumper and Full Rear Bumper)
  • Full Hood and Front Bumper Only (SV Mirrors not included)
  • Full Hood, Full Fender, SV Mirrors and Front Bumper
  • Track Package (Full Hood/Full Fender Kit + Rocker Panels and behind Rear Wheels)
  • Full Vehicle (All exterior painted surfaces)

We offer paint protection for:

  • Automobile

  • Trucks

  • Buses

  • Limos / Cabs

  • Marine Application

  • Motorhomes

  • Custom Cars

  • Motorcycles / ATVs

  • Antiques

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