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Why Paint Protection Film?

Here is a leading example of why paint protection film is important to protecting your investment. Whether you’re an enthusiast or an every day commuter, the elements of the road can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your vehicles paint. This is a personal vehicle owned by one of our employees and is a commuter car driven an average of at least 50 miles per day. This car was fully repainted 2 years ago and now needs to be repainted again because of damage from normal driving.

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You can see here the pitting and peeling of the vehicles paint from everyday driving over the last two years. Don’t let this happen to you!

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Here I removed the lower skirt slightly, just to show you how much damage has actually been caused.

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You can see here that this damage continues up to the leading edge of the hood and down onto the fenders. Which our standard paint protection kits offer for coverage. At ProtectiveSolutions its our business to help you avoid unwanted costly damage to your vehicles paint no matter what kind of driver you are, we proudly give you the best protection you will never see!


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