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Latest Evora S and BRZ Custom After Market Paint Protection



Most customers would be content with driving a base Evora or a BRZ, but we had a chance to work on these cars with some of the rarest after-market body modifications.

A customer who previously had Protective Solutions New England install a standard kit of Paint Protection Film film on his 2013 BRZ, recently added a Rocket Bunny wide body kit to give his ride a one of a kind look.  This is not your average body kit; the labor required to install the bolted on aero addition is extensive and you’ll need a new wheel and tire package to fill out the widened bodylines. Protecting this investment is a must, so the owner brought his car back in to have the custom over fenders and rear quarter panels covered in paint protection film.

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Another car we had in our shop this week was a 2013 Lotus Evora S with a custom made Mansory front bumper. Mansory is a German based after-market auto performance manufacturer that specializes in tuning custom parts for Lamborghini, Ferrari, Lotus, and other foreign cars. This unique bumper has a more aggressive look with sharper bodylines, air vents, redesigned lower fascia, and specialized carbon fiber components. This distinctive car seldom makes it to the streets of Boston, so the customer wanted to protect the paint on the entire front end. The full hood, full fenders, side view mirrors and custom front bumper were all wrapped in paint protection film by one of certified installers.

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Because of the rarity of the specialized components on these cars, there were no existing patterns available for us to use. This was no problem for us, as we had our expert pattern drawer create a custom design to perfectly fit each car. The benefit of having a pattern drawer on hand at all times allows us to have computer rendered kits for almost every car out there, and when we don’t have them, he can design a pattern on site to minimize using bulk film and having a more precise installation as a result. Every pattern is traced, test fit, updated, and then uploaded to our cutting software, guaranteeing expert-level protection for every job we do!

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